India’s agriculture soars with drone revolution

Drones, integral to India's Industry 4.0 vision, promise to revolutionize agriculture, offering real-time insights and precision interventions. Backed by government initiatives, they're set to propel ...

Banana waste-plant waste- TPCI
Banana Waste Innovation: Sustainable Solutions for Manufacturing

Leveraging banana waste for sustainable manufacturing is crucial for a greener future. It's about reimagining banana waste as a valuable resource in diverse industries from textiles to energy.....

agriculture export_tpci
India’s agri exports: The quandary of trade restrictions

India's agricultural sector faces a formidable challenge with a projected $4 billion cut in exports. Recent trade restrictions on staples like wheat, rice, and sugar have rippled through the industry,...

Evolution of India’s Organic Food Sector: A Tech-Driven Metamorphosis

The organic food sector has undergone a transformative journey, integrating technology with traditional farming to meet the evolving preferences of a health-conscious global and Indian consumer base. ...

Fisheries exports_TPCI
Blue Revolution 2.0: Transformative Measures for Inland Fisheries Cooperatives

In this analysis, IBT takes a look at the strong growth shown by inland fisheries sector, for which cooperatives account for a key contribution.  There are around 28,000 fisheries cooperatives with m...

Empowering farmers through digital commerce

In a digital age, SFAC is partnering with D&B India to empower Farmers Producer Organizations (FPOs) with digital commerce capabilities....

India’s brewing concerns on coffee production

Climate change is significantly impacting coffee production in India, with rising temperatures and erratic weather patterns disrupting ideal growing conditions. This is leading to reduced yields and i...

AI in agriculture: A new era of smart decision-making for farmers

AI in agriculture is expected to expand significantly as it has the potential to completely transform the industry by enhancing crop yields, decreasing waste, and boosting productivity....

Dr. Ganesh Rede
Need of small scale food-processing industries at village level

Dr. Ganesh Rede, an agricultural economist, discusses with India Business and Trade, the Minimum Support Price (MSP) system in India and its impact on farmers and agricultural production. He explains ...

Dr. Parashram Patil
Future of Indian agriculture is high-value-added agri-processing

India Business & Trade engages in conversation with Dr. Parashram Patil delves into the symbiotic relationship between agricultural value addition and MSP....

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