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India’s EMS industry projected to reach US$ 55 bn by 2027

India's Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry is on the brink of a significant revenue surge, with projections indicating a more than doubling of revenues to reach US$ 55 billion by FY27....

Digital competition bill
India’s Digital Competition Bill: Understanding industry concerns

As the digital landscape evolves, there is a growing need to ensure that competition remains fair and that market dynamics do not favour a few dominant players at the expense of smaller companies and ...

Artificial Intelligence
GenAI revolutionises conversational commerce for businesses

The integration of Gen AI into conversational messaging for business transactions is projected to attract approximately 450 million new e-commerce consumers in India....

Sudeep Kulkarni
Recreating sports experiences with Game Theory

In the latest episode of our Tech Trailblazers series, India Business and Trade engaged in a captivating conversation with Sudeep Kulkarni, founder of Game Theory....

GenAI_financial services_TPCI
GenAI’s impact on financial services transformation

According to McKinsey Global Institute, GenAI has the potential to add between US$ 200 billion and US$ 340 billion annually to the global banking sector, highlighting its significant impact on industr...

Fighting counterfeits with advanced packaging technologies

In this edition of our ‘Tech Trailblazers’ episode series, we welcomed Mr. Kaushik Banerjee, co-founder and CEO of Noos Technologies....

Data Centre_TPCI by shutterstock
India’s data centre capacity to cross 1,800 MW by 2026

According to a recent report by CBRE South Asia, titled 'Asia Pacific Data Center Trends Q1 2024', India's data centre capacity is expected to surpass 1800 MW by 2026, positioning it above other major...

Cross-border payments_TPCI
Streamlining cross-border payments for Indian businesses

Indian businesses face a lot of challenges in cross-border payments, including high transaction fees, unfavourable exchange rates, complex payment processing, currency conversion issues, and complianc...

Artificial Intelligence
India’s AI adoption surges, poised for explosive growth

AI adoption across key sectors has reached nearly 48% in FY24, with projections indicating a further increase of 5-7% in FY25, according to Teamlease Digital....

Addya Rai
Acing competitive exams with conversational AI

In the next edition of our 'Tech Trailblazers' series, we engaged with Ms. Addya Rai, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of PAiGPT....

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