Global Value Chains

Role of IPRs in increasing India’s participation in GVCs

Exports through value chains account for about 70% of global exports. Currently, India is a small player in global value chains (GVCs), smaller than several smaller economies like the Republic of Kore...

Increasing India’s exports through integration in global value chains

The disruption of supply chains following the Covid-19 pandemic illustrated the complex nature of world trade and interlinkages between countries. Dr Saon Ray analyses India's current integration into...

Global value chains (GVCs)
Business Terminology : Global value chains (GVCs)

Intermediate products cross several borders in GVCs in different stages of production before they are turned into final goods for consumption....

Rashmi Banga Globalisation TPCI
COVID-19 is a chance for more strategic globalisation

Rashmi Banga, Senior Economic Officer, UNCTAD, feels that instead of a recourse to rapid globalisation post-pandemic, the world should look at a balanced approach to address the inherent weaknesses of...

India, COVID-19, and the grand manufacturing exodus

India has made progress on key parameters as a business destination. It retains strong advantages on parameters like macroeconomic stability, labour force, consumer market and financial ecosystem. But...

Global Value Chains
Global Value Chains: A critical focus area post-COVID

Strengthening India's backward linkages in global value chains is critical to improve domestic value addition, especially in high end manufactured products. Similarly, India's forward integration is w...

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