Green energy transition

Vivek Prasad
Green hydrogen and ammonia are the way forward!

In an interview with IBT, Vivek Prasad sheds light on India's strategic advantages and unique opportunities in the global renewable energy market....

Prasanta Sarkar; green hydrogen
Electrolyzers – the key to India’s green ambitions

Mr. Prasanta Sarkar, Co-founder & CEO of Newtrace, talked about the origins of their revolutionary electrolyzer technology and its impact on the green hydrogen landscape....

India will play a pivotal role in achieving global climate goals

Green Frontier Capital stands as India's pioneering investment firm exclusively dedicated to nurturing companies that spearhead groundbreaking innovations within green sectors. These sectors encompass...

Green Hydrogen
Global green hydrogen hub: Can India lead the change by 2030?

India's foray into the green hydrogen market shows promising potential with significant investments and an ambitious goal to create a capacity for producing green hydrogen of at least 5 MT annually by...

Green hydrogen economy: Towards a resilient future

Dr. J.P. Gupta opines that India’s drive to green energy transition by embracing green hydrogen is a key to a future-proof economy. He adds that the development of this industry is mainly dependent...

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