Decoding the impact of the 28% tax on online gaming firms

GST Council has made the decision that online gaming, horse racing, and casinos will be subject to a tax rate of 28%....

Indian aviation sector Caught in the pandemic headwinds
Indian aviation sector: Can 2021 stem the turbulence?

It is being hoped that India’s domestic civil aviation sector will show signs of a revival over the coming months. But given developments like the emergence of a new mutant of COVID-19 virus, is thi...

TPCI_Amar_sapra logistics 900x600
Digitisation of logistics must be consistent with corporate strategy

IIM Bangalore’s Prof. Amar Sapra suggests that before implementing digitisation of the logistics network, companies should endeavour to maximise the benefits from traditional supply chain planning -...

Sundaravalli Narayanaswami logistics
Make in India needs a unified transportation policy & top-class logistics network

Prof. Sundaravalli Narayanaswami, IIM Ahmedabad, believes that India needs a national standard for smart and intelligent logistics - developed and commissioned through the state. Furthermore, the coun...

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