import substitution

Import Substitution_TPCI
How successful has been India’s ‘Import Substitution’ Strategy?

Bipin Menon, Development Commissioner, Noida SEZ, believes that import substitution is an inappropriate nomenclature for India's policy thrust, which is primarily enhancement of domestic manufacturing...

Professor Manoj Pant, Director, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
India’s trade policy: Import substitution or tariff intervention?

Prof Manoj Pant, Director, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade argues that from a long-term point of view, import substitution should be seen along with the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme, and...

PCBA: The missing key to unlock India’s potential as an electronics hub
Printed Circuit Board Assembly: Key to catalyse India’s electronics manufacturing

India needs to strengthen its manufacturing ecosystem for printed circuit board assembly, since it is the heart of every electronics device. Doing so will help facilitate much needed backward integrat...

Sunitha-Raju economy TPCI
Global manufacturing competitiveness is true self-reliance

Prof Sunitha Raju, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, argues that viewing Aatma Nirbhar Bharat from the perspective of import substitution for the manufacturing sector is wrong and potentially dangero...

India’s growing demand for Solar Panels- Import Substitution or Optimality?

Cheap imports of solar panels have been essential for achievements in National Solar Mission, but with imports acquiring maximum market share, it is expected that domestic manufacturers will be depres...

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