Indian exports

Crafting culinary excellence with tradition, technology, and taste

Discover how Bambino embraces modern technology for quality F&B production and their strategic plans for market diversification....

India’s Exports in H1 2023-24: Unpacking the Numbers & Looking Ahead

Indian export sector faces challenges, while the global economy anticipates a slowdown due to inflation and tight finances....

The conundrum of declining MSME share in India’s exports

The contribution of MSMEs to India's total exports has shown a downward trend in recent years, even as their export value has demonstrated a noteworthy increase. Moreover the current slowdown in trade...

India’s Gems & Jewellery exports: Navigating through troubled waters

India has witnessed a YoY decline of 28.08% in overall gross exports of Gems and Jewellery at US$ 7,222.31 million during April to June 2023. Several factors, such as the ongoing socio-economic crisis...

Surging demand for India’s non-GM oil meals pushes exports

During the April-June quarter of 2023-24, India’s overall oil meal export increased by 19% year-on-year. The increasing demand for India’s non-Genetically Modified (non-GM), low pricing and favour...

deforestation pixabay
EU’s Deforestation Act: Impact on Indian Exports

The EU regulation will have an impact on approximately 479 items that are exported by India, including products such as meat, leather hide, wood furniture, paper, and coffee....

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