Flaring vegetable prices levitate India’s headline retail inflation 

Headline retail inflation in India jumped to a 15-month high at 7.44% in July, riding on high vegetable prices, especially the tomato....

India’s retail inflation upsurge, to persist for the coming months

India’s retail inflation surged to 4.81% in June, from a 25-month low of 4.25% in May. An upsurge in vegetable prices raised the CPI inflation....

Indian economy_TPCI
Indian economy, past the ‘Ides of March’?

After experiencing an estimated 6.9% GDP growth in 2022-23 despite global headwinds, India's economy is projected to grow at a rate of 7% and expected to be the fastest-growing economy in FY '24. IBT ...

Winning the war against rising CPI

Consumer Price Inflation (CPI) figures were elevated more than market's expectations. India's annual retail inflation or CPI was at 6.52% whereas WPI eased to 4.73%...

Impact of Russia-Ukraine War on Indian F&B Industry

The sanctions on Russia will also have a substantial impact on the global economy & financial markets, with significant ripple effects, such as skyrocketing food & oil prices and frayed supply chains,...

Food inflation TPCI
Winning the war against food inflation

Food inflation is one of the major drivers of Consumer Price Index, which is having a predictable impact on RBI's monetary policy. India needs to address the structural inefficiencies that drive the r...

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