international trade

Managing global trade complexities with Incoterms

Incoterms, short for International Commercial Terms, are a standardized set of international trade rules established by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). These terms define the responsibili...

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The vital role of certificates of origin in global commerce

CoO serves as a crucial document in international trade, providing information of the country in which a commodity or good was manufactured....

Upping the game of cross-border business

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has introduced new regulations for entities facilitating cross-border payment transactions. ...

Rising Middle Class: Asia and Africa lead the way

In 2024, around 113 million people are estimated to join the global middle class, primarily driven by Asia....

Global Value Chains
Global Value Chains: A critical focus area post-COVID

Strengthening India's backward linkages in global value chains is critical to improve domestic value addition, especially in high end manufactured products. Similarly, India's forward integration is w...

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