Economic Implications of Iran-Israel Conflict for India

The increase in tensions between Iran and Israel could prompt a rapid and possibly exaggerated response in the Indian market, amplifying existing pressures caused by diminished expectations of Federal...

Cumin seeds exports: Sailing with the tide

India has emerged the largest exporter of cumin seeds globally in the past few years, accounting for 75% of world exports. Boosting exports further would require capping of domestic prices and educati...

Nathi Ram Gupta, President, AIREA rice
World saw India as a reliable supplier of rice post-COVID

Nathi Ram Gupta, President, AIREA, is confident of a new record in rice exports in the current financial year due to bans imposed by Thailand and Vietnam, higher production and higher buying by import...

Meeting India’s growing demand for saffron

India is facing serious challenges with falling saffron production. Revival must focus on increasing productivity as well as area of production. ...

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