Rohit Mahajan
Business continuity post-COVID: Adapt to the ‘now’ to thrive in the ‘next’

Rohit Mahajan, President, Risk Advisory, Deloitte India, believes that amidst the business continuity challenges affecting companies post-COVID, the pace of recovery of organisations has been directly...

Leadership in crisis: If it ain’t broken, break it creatively!

Nandu Nandkishore, Professor, Indian School of Business, provides invaluable learnings from business literature and his experiences at Nestle, on how CEOs should manage and thrive in black swan events...

COVID-19: A boomerang for the plastic industry?

Increasing usage of plastics to meet the demand for PPEs post-COVID has led to a steep rise in biomedical waste. Stakeholders need to ensure proper management and recycling of plastic waste through se...

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