India to push sectors in becoming global manufacturing hubs

India will soon determine approximately twelve sectors to transform into global manufacturing hubs, according to officials. The Niti Aayog is actively engaged in the process of identifying these secto...

solar_tpci pexels
Reforms in ALMM: Boosting India’s solar industry

ALMM for Solar Photovoltaic Modules has come up with the reforms. The reforms primarily focus on cost reduction for solar PV manufacturers....

Dr Arpita Mukherjee TPCI IBT
Manufacturing firms must focus on automation, innovation & patenting

Dr Arpita Mukherjee, ICRIER, believes that the COVID-19 pandemic has fast tracked the adoption of technology in manufacturing, thereby making it critical for companies to have a high-skilled workforce...

Indian manufacturing firms must invest in product & process R&D

Jishnu Hazra, Professor IIM Bangalore, feels that Indian companies must take inspiration from the rise of Chinese and South Korean companies, particularly in the mobile handset space, as they endeavou...

India, COVID-19, and the grand manufacturing exodus

India has made progress on key parameters as a business destination. It retains strong advantages on parameters like macroeconomic stability, labour force, consumer market and financial ecosystem. But...

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