GS Ravi Gati Logistics
Logistics expansion relies on technology support

India Business and Trade spoke with Mr. G.S Ravi, on the drastic change in the landscape of the logistics industry in India coupled with the technological advancement in the allied sectors. The indust...

India, the next powerhouse of global e-commerce?

India's e-commerce market is experiencing exponential growth, positioning the country as a significant player in the global marketplace....

embedded finance pexels
Embedded Finance: The silent revolution in India’s digital payment ecosystem

Embedded Finance has created a revolution like no other in the world of digital banking and payments. It is essentially defined as the integration of financial services like lending, payment processin...

e commerce ONDC
Can ONDC revolutionise the e-commerce space?

ONDC is a laudable initiative of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry to help small retailers counter the dominance of e-commerce giants. But given the challenges of building and sustaining a network o...

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