Addressing consumer needs through tech-driven diversification

In a candid conversation with IBT, Mr. Vishwa Chordia, Director – Suhana Seven Seas, International Business Division, shared insights into the journey of Suhana-Pravin Masalewale, reflecting its 60-year legacy. Detailing milestones like global presence, he emphasized technology’s role in maintaining quality.

Discussing market strategies, he highlighted the company’s adaptability to global F&B trends. Anticipating Indusfood’s growth, he positioned it as a crucial platform for Indian brands. The interview delved into pragmatic aspects, offering a genuine perspective on Suhana-Pravin Masalewale’s evolution and its outlook in the dynamic F&B landscape.

Suhana-Pravin Masalewale

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IBT: Please share the company’s backstory and the inspiration behind its establishment, highlighting significant milestones achieved along the way.

In 1962, Suhana-Pravin Masalewale embarked on its culinary journey, and by 1970, it established its first factory in Pune. Notable milestones include introducing Blended Spices in 1982, ISO 9001 certification in 1998, and a state-of-the-art R&D facility in 2001. International recognition arrived with the Great Taste Award in 2010, and the company achieved the IGBC Platinum Green Rating for Suhana Warehouse in 2017. Introducing health range products in 2019 and opening the first-brand retail franchise, Suhana Bazaar, in Delhi in 2020 marked further strides. The company’s global footprint expanded to include the presence in Sainsburys & TESCO in the UK by 2023, culminating in 60 glorious years.

IBT: Currently, what is the market footprint of your company, both in India and on the international stage?

Suhana- Pravin Masalewale boasts a strong domestic presence, operating in over 13 states with an extensive network of 1400 distributors and over 2 Lac retailers. Internationally, the company has made its mark in 60+ countries through both ethnic and modern retail channels.

IBT: How has your company embraced modern technology to enhance the production of high-quality F&B products?

Suhana- Pravin Masalewale places a premium on modern technology to ensure the production of high-quality food and beverage products. With state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facilities, the company adheres to the best-in, best-out principle, delivering world-class products through streamlined processes.

IBT: Could you elaborate on your plans for market and product diversification? What factors or innovations drive your expansion into new markets and the introduction of new products?

Diversification and expansion into new markets are core objectives for our company. With a commitment to addressing evolving consumer needs, the company focuses on technology and innovation to drive continuous product development. Understanding consumer demands and staying at the forefront of technological advancements are pivotal factors influencing the introduction of new products and entry into new markets.

IBT: In the global F&B landscape, what major trends do you observe? How well-positioned is the Indian F&B industry to leverage and capitalize on these trends?

The global F&B landscape is witnessing a surge in demand for products offering convenience, taste, hygiene, and an optimal price point. Pravin Masalewale positions itself strategically to align with these trends. The company is well-equipped to leverage sustainability practices in production, contributing to a greener, carbon-free future while meeting global consumer preferences.

IBT: What are your impressions of Indusfood, and what specific expectations do you have for the upcoming edition of the show?

Indusfood stands out as a premier platform for Indian F&B brands to showcase their products. Suhana-Pravin Masalewale anticipates the continued growth of Indusfood in the coming years, providing enhanced visibility and opportunities for Indian brands to connect with global buyers and audiences.

Mr. Vishwa Chordia, the first of the fourth generation, adeptly navigates the international business division of his family-owned food and spice brand, Suhana-Pravin Masalewale—a role tailor-made for him. An ambitious leader, he seamlessly connects with both newcomers and seasoned professionals on his team.

His vision for Suhana aligns with the brand’s ideals, infusing a fresh perspective to elevate Suhana as a global household name. Already making strides, he has expanded the brand’s presence from 20 to nearly 60+ countries in under four years, all while juggling the roles of a student and entrepreneur.

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