Airrchip: Pioneering Cloud-Native Solutions in Fintech

In our inaugural interview under the Tech Trailblazers series, Jay Ranjeet Bhatt, founder of Airrchip, discusses the company’s evolution from a mobile e-commerce startup to a leader in cloud-native applications for the financial services sector. Bhatt discusses Airrchip’s journey, emphasizing its pivot to cloud-first and AI-driven strategies.

Specializing in end-to-end product engineering and enterprise digital transformation, Airrchip accelerates product development for fintech solutions, leveraging reusable components. He highlights the company’s commitment to innovation, incorporating emerging technologies like AI and machine learning. Airrchip prioritizes security and compliance in handling financial data, ensuring trust and regulatory adherence.

Looking ahead, Bhatt identified trends such as AI adoption in lending and digital banking, with Airrchip poised to become a key player in the global financial technology AI space through its product Frruit, aiming to democratize wealth and revolutionize financial literacy.


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IBT: Could you elaborate on Airrchip’s journey from its inception to a promising technology company in Mumbai in the technology space?

Jay Ranjeet Bhatt: Founded in 2015, Airrchip began as a startup with a small engineering team of recent college graduates. Our initial focus was on building innovative mobile e-commerce applications. However, over the next three years, we witnessed a significant shift towards cloud-native applications and large-scale cloud transformation initiatives globally.

This coincided with a growing demand for cloud adoption within India’s digitalization efforts, particularly in the financial services, fintech, and banking sectors. Recognising these trends, Airrchip transitioned into a full-fledged technology company. Today, we leverage cloud-first and AI-driven strategies to build highly scalable applications and platforms for global enterprises in the financial services and fintech/banking space.

IBT: What inspired you to establish Airrchip, and what challenges did you encounter during the company’s growth in the technology sector?

Jay Ranjeet Bhatt: Driven by a desire to create impactful products, I founded Airrchip at the age of 20 while still in college. This remains our core mission today. The early years, starting with our incorporation in 2015 officially , proved challenging. As a young startup, we took on various projects to ensure survival. However, this also highlighted the difficulty of identifying our ideal market niche and developing industry-specific expertise to deliver innovative solutions.

Despite these initial struggles, the first three years provided valuable exposure and networking opportunities within the financial services, fintech, and banking sector. This ultimately led us to focus on this specific market, allowing us to build expertise and grow at scale.

IBT: Airrchip specialises in various areas such as end-to-end product engineering and enterprise digital transformation. How do these specialties contribute to the company’s competitive edge in the market?

Jay Ranjeet Bhatt: Airrchip accelerates product development and time-to-market for fintech solutions. Our framework of reusable components empowers enterprises to rapidly deploy and scale their solutions without building everything from scratch. These customizable and scalable components allow for easy development and integration of a wide range of financial features.

This includes functionalities relevant to Digital Banking, Hyper-Personalization, Payments & Merchant SDKs, Retail & SME Lending, AML/KYC, Wealth Management, and more.

By leveraging Airrchip’s pre-built components, you can offload the burden of building from scratch, allowing you to focus on core business needs and achieve faster market launch.

IBT: How does Airrchip leverage its knowledge backend to meet the evolving needs of financial institutions?

Jay Ranjeet Bhatt: Airrchip remains constantly updated on regulatory changes. Additionally, our strong network of industry veterans, policymakers, associations, fintech groups, and various contacts keeps our knowledge base consistently expanding and fosters innovation.

Innovation is at the core of our DNA, as we continuously push technological boundaries, collaborating closely with clients to maintain a competitive edge. By delivering customer centric solutions, we empower financial institutions to create exceptional customer experiences across all touchpoints, fostering lasting relationships and loyalty.

Scalability is integral to our offerings, with flexible solutions that adapt seamlessly to evolving needs, providing opportunities for expansion. This ensures we stay ahead of the curve.

IBT: In what ways does Airrchip foster innovation within its team to ensure the development of cutting-edge solutions for clients? 

Jay Ranjeet Bhatt: Our team is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve by exploring emerging technologies and implementing them at scale for our customers. We constantly research cloud-native, AI, generative AI, machine learning, and mobile technologies to build reusable components and enhance our service offerings.

To ensure we’re on the cutting edge, our innovation team includes industry veterans who share their knowledge and expertise. Recently, we had the privilege of building a merchant mobile SDK for PayOne, a major Jordanian payment aggregator, that utilises 3D Secure payments with challenge flow. This project provided valuable learning opportunities for our team.

In the world of online commerce, safeguarding your business and providing a secure payment experience for your customers are crucial. 3D Secure payments offer a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Reduced Fraud Risk: By adding an extra layer of authentication during checkout, 3D Secure significantly reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions, protecting your business and revenue.
  • Liability Shift: Traditionally, online merchants held the liability for fraudulent charges. With 3D Secure, the liability shifts to the card issuer or the cardholder’s bank in case of fraud on a 3DS-enrolled card, providing you with financial security.
  • Enhanced Customer Trust: Implementing 3D Secure demonstrates to your customers that their sensitive payment information is protected. This builds trust, fosters confidence, and cultivates long-term customer loyalty.
  • Simplified Compliance: 3D Secure helps you navigate the complexities of online payment security regulations, ensuring compliance with regional and industry standards like PSD2 in the European Union.
  • Expanded Customer Base: By offering 3D Secure payments, you cater to security-conscious customers, increasing your sales and market reach.

Finding the right balance between security and user experience is essential. While 3D Secure offers enhanced protection, it’s important to maintain a smooth checkout process to avoid cart abandonment. Beyond 3D Secure, Airrchip offers comprehensive product engineering services.

We collaborated with CASHe to develop the second version of their mobile app, resulting in an improved user experience, new features to boost their business, and increased cost efficiency. Currently, we’re building a corporate prepaid card, expense management, and reimbursement management platform for a fintech company in Qatar. Additionally, we’re developing an AML/KYC orchestration platform for a UK fintech company. This all-in-one platform combines identity verification, fraud protection, and compliance, allowing for hassle-free global expansion.

IBT: How does Airrchip ensure the security and compliance of its fintech-as-a-service stack, particularly in handling sensitive financial data?

Jay Ranjeet Bhatt: We prioritise security by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to safeguard sensitive information and transactions, instill trust, and ensure compliance. Our focus on efficiency drives operational performance and profitability through process automation and optimisation.

In the ever-changing regulatory landscape, our comprehensive compliance solutions provide tools and frameworks to ensure adherence, simplifying complex challenges like KYC/AML and GDPR compliance.

IBT: As technology continues to evolve, what future trends do you foresee in the financial services sector, and how is Airrchip prepared to adapt to these changes?

Jay Ranjeet Bhatt: The democratisation of Cloud AI, coupled with financial inclusion, represents the next significant advancement. We find ourselves amid the fourth industrial revolution of AI, where every financial services enterprise aspires to implement AI inclusion on a large scale in India.

Future trends revolve around the widespread adoption of AI in lending, intelligent digital banking, AML KYC, Payments, and Financial markets. The adoption of Generative AI & Machine Learning is poised to revolutionise financial markets. Generative AI & Machine Learning possess the capability to sift through a plethora of information sources, such as market data, news articles, social media feeds, financial reports, audio, video, and even facial expressions, to extract insights, sentiments, and trends that could potentially impact the markets.

By assimilating market pricing data with comprehensive multiple data points of companies, government data, macroeconomic news, etc., one can identify patterns and correlations, enabling more informed decision-making for effective trading strategies.

IBT: Lastly, what is your vision for the future of Airrchip, and how do you plan to maintain the company’s position as a leader in the technology industry?

Jay Ranjeet Bhatt: Airrchip aspires to become a key player in the global financial technology AI space within the next five years. Through our product Frruit, also known as GPT of Capital Markets, our goal is to bridge wealth gaps and overcome financial barriers by providing individuals with AI-driven financial literacy, thereby democratising wealth for all.

In the ever-changing landscape of capital markets, Frruit stands out as a powerful AI-powered research assistant, addressing the significant challenges faced by retail investors, research analysts, fund managers, portfolio managers, and wealth managers on a daily basis. These challenges include:

  1. The financial world is overwhelmed by unstructured data, with 85% of it being unstructured. The ability to analyse and act on this data presents a significant opportunity. Unstructured data hides critical insights, impeding data-driven stock picking decisions.
  2. Access to premium data sources, research tools, and risk reports is often too costly and complex for everyday investors.
  3. Asset prices are influenced by a myriad of events, necessitating deep research that can be time-consuming and lead to missed opportunities.

Think of Frruit as the AI-powered financial search engine for capital markets, providing actionable insights using real-time data and uncovering hidden market relationships. Along its product roadmap, Frruit aims to facilitate data-driven portfolio management and restructuring, enable risk management, support long-term financial planning, and identify companies and funds aligned with ethical and sustainable investing values.

Additionally, it enhances financial education and empowerment through continuous learning and improvement. While Frruit does not offer recommendations, it provides data to assist users in making better-informed decisions through its extensive data analysis capabilities. This allows users to make stock picks based on data rather than emotions in constantly evolving market conditions.

Mr. Bhatt



Jay Ranjeet Bhatt, Founder & CEO of Airrchip, is a promising entrepreneur in the tech industry, driving innovation through cloud-native approaches and AI-driven strategies.

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