Bambino: Vermicelli and beyond

Back in the 1980s, Late Kishan Rao Myadam came across the vermicelli processing technology at a fair in Germany and decided to bring home this novel invention. This trip proved to be a turning point for the birth of Bambino Agro – the brand which became synonymous with  vermicelli and  pasta products. Today, the company has become a global brand with an array of food products in its kitty. 

Bambino Vermicelli


When it comes to cooking there is a hidden chef in all of us. And one product that has become staple in households and can be cooked in no time by amateurs and experts alike is vermicelli. But what has made this thin noodle-like product so popular across the country is one brand – Bambino Agro. So much so, that people often use Bambino as a synonym for vermicelli!

The making of India’s “Vermicelli Man”

Back in the 1980s, Late Kishan Rao Myadam visited a technology fair in Germany and came across the vermicelli processing technology. He decided to bring in the product and its processing technology to India. After importing German machineries to India, Kishan Rao began worked towards creating a healthy life style food. He took the product door to door and often tested the taste and quality of the product by himself. He is rightfully so known as India’s “Vermicelli Man”. He is credited with taking vermicelli to every middle-income household and making it a part of our staple diet.

Over the years the brand has become a household name, mainly because of the quality that it offers to the customers. Bambino’s vermicelli and its pasta range is made from 100% durum wheat with no added flour.

Becoming a market leader in the country & abroad

Today, Bambino is the highest selling vermicelli brand having largest market share in vermicelli and pasta segment in India. It is hardly a surprise that the two opposite regions of North India and South India are bonded by the strings of Bambino vermicelli. From the sweet taste of Semiya Kesari in Tamil Nadu to the delectable taste of Rava Semiya Idli from Karnataka to  innovative recipes like Mango Vermicelli Halwa, Bambino vermicelli has become the go-to brand.

Over the years, the company has forayed into the category of instant mixes, South India namkeen, sweet & ready-to-eat products. It is currently exporting to 20 countries – USA, Canda, UK, Israel, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Kenya, Seychelles, Mauritious, Nepal, Sri lanka, Bangaldesh, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Phillippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Bambino is also doing private label business for world’s renowned brands. This indigenous enterprise is aggressively increasing its market share in branded business through new product developments and launches. It has also been adaptive to the modern marketing tools and aggressively emphasizing on e-commerce in major countries.


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