Decoding Success – Festive shopping insights and trends In India

The festive shopping landscape in India witnessed a remarkable surge in online searches for discounts, spanning various categories. Consumer electronics, groceries, food, personal care, gifting, and automobiles all experienced a substantial increase in search activity. This trend underscores the pivotal role of a strong online presence and strategic marketing across these diverse sectors. 

Furthermore, specific festive moments, such as Dussehra and Diwali, offered prime opportunities for brands to engage effectively with their audience within these categories. 

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In 2022, a significant trend emerged in festive shopping, a notable increase in keyword searches for terms like sale, discount, offers, cheap deals, and near me. Across categories such as consumer electronics, groceries, food, personal care, gifting, and automobiles, these searches experienced an average Month-over-Month (MoM) increase of more than 19%. During Diwali week, revenue events in the food and drink app were 38% above the yearly average.

In line with the ongoing festive season, InMobi, a company specializing in marketing and monetization technologies, has partnered with Microsoft Advertising to unveil key insights from its annual guide to seasonal digital marketing report titled ‘India’s 2023 Festive Trends Decoded

The report reveals how brands can harness the power of search and omnichannel solutions to craft a unique marketing strategy and maximize their impact by better connecting with their audiences. It also highlights consumer interests across various categories.

Search and Click Uplift During Festivals

The week of Dussehra saw a 27% Week-over-Week (WoW) uplift in searches and a 28% WoW uplift in clicks. Similarly, during the week of Diwali, searches saw a 24% WoW uplift, and clicks grew by 10% WoW.

In October 2022, searches for apparel, accessories, and jewellery increased by 8% month-over-month (MoM), while clicks grew by 3%. During the previous year’s Dussehra, searches surged by 16% WoW, but clicks decreased by 8% WoW. Conversely, during Diwali week, there was more than a 6% WoW increase in searches and a 20% WoW rise in clicks.

During Diwali, sales of consumer electronics usually increase, and as per the data, the market witnessed a 30% increase in searches and a 13% rise in clicks, driven by festive season deals, reflecting heightened consumer interest in October 2022.

The festive season witnessed a surge in online searches and clicks across various categories. Groceries and household supplies saw a 20% increase, reflecting the demand for meal preparation. Food and beverages experienced an 8% rise in searches, emphasizing the enduring appeal of festive culinary experiences. 

Home furnishings and decor spiked by 19%, while home appliances saw a 29% surge in searches. Gifting and flowers garnered a 35% increase in searches. Interest in cars and automobiles peaked at 12%, driven by festive and year-end sales, sustaining through December 2022.

Strategies for Festive Success

The study highlights that brands can prepare for pre-festive excitement and beyond by tapping into category-specific user insights to craft tailored experiences, such as special offers and engaging content. According to InMobi’s 2023 report, ‘The Marketer’s Guide to India’s Festive Season,’ 54% of consumers are expected to engage in hybrid shopping. To maximize their presence throughout the customer journey, brands should connect with high-intent audiences early on through a multi-channel, full-funnel approach, rather than solely focusing on the final purchase stage.

Rohit Dosi, the Vice President and General Manager of Microsoft Advertising at InMobi, emphasized the role of brands in amplifying the emotions of festivities among people. He stated, “Brands play a significant role in amplifying the emotions of festivities among people, and it is vital for a brand to have a presence while catering to the needs of their consumers. By leveraging smart solutions and implementing an effective marketing strategy, they will not only enable themselves to reach their target audience effectively but also stay ahead of their competitors.”

Additionally, fostering trust is crucial during festive periods when consumers explore numerous brands. By offering accurate and relevant information during product searches and discovery, brands can establish credibility and reliability, ultimately standing out in the competitive festive market.

In Conclusion 

The festive shopping trends in India for 2022 revealed a significant increase in online searches for discounts and deals across various categories. This trend emphasizes the importance of a strong online presence and strategic marketing. Specific moments of search and click uplift during festivals, such as Dussehra and Diwali, offer crucial opportunities for brands to engage with their audience effectively. As brands prepare for future festive seasons, these insights provide a roadmap for successful and impactful festive marketing in India.

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