“Indian food tech is evolving rapidly through automation, quality control, and sustainability”

Dev Opus stands as a premier Branding and Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad, boasting a remarkable ten years of expertise in handling both B2B and B2C brands. Their dedicated efforts have been instrumental in fostering business growth and empowering enterprises to attain a distinct competitive edge while developing their brand identity. The agency’s repertoire includes a spectrum of services, such as Logo Design, Packaging Design, Brochure Design, Catalogue Design, Graphic Design, and more.

India Business and Trade engaged in a unique dialogue with Mr. Mahendra Bhatiya, the Managing Director and CEO of Dev Opus, to gain insights into the company’s remarkable journey, their innovative technological solutions, and their anticipations for the forthcoming IndusFood Tech event. 

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IBT: Please provide an overview of your company, the product segments you operate in and your key achievements to date.

Mahendra Bhatiya:  We are a leading branding and advertising agency in Ahmedabad with a decade of experience in managing both B2B and B2C brands. We primarily focus on the Food & Beverage sector. Our expertise lies in brand development and marketing strategy, encompassing branding, research strategies, and advertising services, which include brand name creation, catalogue design, logo design, website development, digital marketing strategy, and e-commerce websites. In addition, we provide professional photography and video production services throughout India. Numerous reputable businesses have already placed their trust in our services and are now witnessing the distinctive qualities that set us apart from other commercial photography and video production companies in Ahmedabad.

IBT: What is your target customer base, and how do you view its growth potential? What are the factors driving this growth?

Mahendra Bhatiya:  Our target audience consists of players in the food industry, including food manufacturers, food brands engaged in packaging products, and those involved in packaging manufacturing for food brands. Our target customers encompass a wide range of food businesses, regardless of size, from startups to well-established brands, all seeking significant strategic growth. The rapid expansion of the food industry is driven by increasing income levels and a growing emphasis on healthy eating habits and convenience foods. People today desire immediate access to their food, and a wide range of food products and packages are readily available in the market, leading to increased consumption. The booming e-commerce sector is largely attributable to the remarkable growth in the food industry. In this industry, everyone has a need for food, and our products and services are poised to provide valuable assistance to our clients in addressing these evolving consumer trends.

IBT: Can you share examples of successful case studies wherein clients have benefited from your technology solutions?

Mahendra Bhatiya:  Yes, we have successfully worked with many brands. Initially, I would like to share one or two brand case studies. One of our prominent clients in Ahmedabad is Chasswala, a well-known brand in Gujarat. We provided them with a marketing strategy, retail store interior design, and digital marketing strategy. When they approached us, they had no stores in Ahmedabad under their brand name, Chasswala. We started with a single store, and today they have over 160 stores. Our journey with them began with store interior design, followed by branding, interior branding designs, and brand strategy. To drive footfall to their store, we devised an effective strategy, resulting in a substantial increase in footfall within just two to three days of store opening. Over the course of seven to eight years, we helped them expand from a single branch to 170-plus locations. This success story is a testament to our work with Chasswala.

Currently, we are working with another brand looking to launch new FMCG products on the ground floor. We provided them with a brand strategy, defined their brand personality and tone of voice, created a brand message, and developed their brand name, packaging, and website. They are now performing well in the market. These are two case studies I wanted to present, and you can find more case studies on our website showcasing our work with other clients.

IBT: What strategic approach have you adopted for the international market? How do you ensure that your technology aligns with industry standards?

Mahendra Bhatiya: Essentially, we consistently stay up-to-date with global design and brand strategies, and we meticulously examine region-specific regulations and standards related to packaging. Additionally, we work in close collaboration with our clients to ensure that their brand complies with industry standards while preserving its unique identity. Simultaneously, we make an effort to gain a thorough understanding of our clients’ requirements and their audience’s demands to tailor our branding efforts accordingly.

IBT: What is your view of technological advancements and global competitiveness of the Indian Food processing technology industry in your segment? How do you expect it to grow in the future?

Mahendra Bhatiya: Indian food processing technology is evolving rapidly, driven by automation, quality control, and sustainable facilities. It holds significant potential to compete in the food packaging and branding sectors. Currently, we are committed to industrial growth with a focus on innovation and sustainability. Our primary focus is on brands that wish to emphasize innovations in sustainability, and we specialize in delivering on that commitment.

IBT: With less than 2 months left for IndusFoodTech 2024, what are your thoughts and expectations from the show?

Mahendra Bhatiya:  We are very excited about the show. To date, we have participated in numerous local exhibitions in Ahmedabad and Gujarat, but our excitement is currently focused on our participation in the Indus FoodTech expo. A friend of mine has told us that this FoodTech expo can help us connect with valuable customers and international clients. Our goal is to establish connections between international and national brands. While we are currently based in Ahmedabad and work with both international and local brands, our aim is to expand our international projects with international brands and collaborate more with national brands. We are eagerly looking forward to our participation in this Food expo. We have high expectations for this event, hoping to gain valuable leads and foster new business relationships. However, we’ll have to see how things unfold. Our excitement about joining the exhibition is palpable.

MahendraMahendra Bhatiya is a highly motivated individual who helps businesses turn into brands. As the director of Dev Opus Pvt Ltd, one of the leading advertising agencies in Ahmedabad, he is passionate about branding, advertising, creativity, photography and social responsibility. His inquisitive nature always motivates him to continue learning throughout his life.


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