Patag Group: Crafting favourable collaborations

Patag Group has partnered with producers and suppliers of agro commodities, dairy, polymers and petrochemical items to become a well-known UAE-based brand in the last 4 years. As it seeks to establish its presence in other countries, the group promises to uphold the promise of quality for its customers.

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Nestled in the diverse terrain of the United Arab Emirates, Patag Group ventured on an exciting journey in 2017 to form global partnerships with the producers and suppliers of agro commodities, dairy, polymers and petrochemical items. From these humble beginnings, the brand has an established presence in Africa, Middle East, Far East and Asian continents. The strict policy of pursuing long term relationships on foundations of quality assurance and honouring commitments has resulted in a strong presence in these markets.

The company’s agricultural products are sold under the brand name, ‘Rabi’, inspired by the winter cropping season in India. Standing tall on the promise of purity and quality, Patag Group offers a plethora of commodities including rice, sugar, pulses, dry fruits, spices and other agro products. The brand offers customers the flexibility to choose from a variety of products. For example, in the case of rice sourced from India, Thailand, Brazil, Vietnam, Cambodia, Italy, USA, Pakistan, & Egypt, it offers choices like white, parboiled, perfumed, Basmati and non-Basmati rice. Similarly, it offers black/white pepper procured from India, Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, Ecuador, & Madagascar. These products are available in different types of packaging such as cans, boxes, PP bags, and jute bags.

The group ensures that these products are brought from the best possible geographical regions in line with the crop cycles. Within these regions, the group makes it a point to collaborate with only those niche trade partners that have a good quality, reputation & production base in the market.  Further, it has a team of seasoned professionals to ensure that the quality of these imported products is at par with globally recognized parameters at all stages – right from procurement to production and packaging.

During these 4 years, the brand encountered a major challenge, like the rest of the world – in the form of COVID-19. The last one year proved to bring its pandemic related challenges, particularly the disruption of supply chain (due to lock down conditions and a globally interrupted cargo movement) and this hit the group’s business and operations. However, Patag Group was able to overcome this challenge owing to its well stocked inventory and claims to be now prepared for any such unprecedented crisis.

Going forward, the group seeks to duplicate its success across the other parts of the globe by improvising on the quality of products to enhance its market reach across different sectors. It is closely monitoring the food preferences and the expectations of the consumers in these markets and has chosen a line of products to cater to each of them. To complement this, it has in the pipeline a high visibility communications exercise including advertising and below the line (BTL) activities.

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