Samaara Tea: Brewing a tempting aroma & customer loyalty

Samaara Tea, a branch of Jivraj Tea Company, has scripted an inspiring growth story in the global tea industry & exports its products to 25 nations. Innovation, commitment to quality and timely service have firmly established it in the international market.

Samaara Tea

Nestled in the bustling port city of Surat in Gujarat, Samaara Tea, a branch of Jivraj Tea Company, has been exporting Assam’s finest tea blends for the past 3 years. Jivraj has a rich legacy of over eight decades in the business of producing unique tea blends that celebrate the amalgamation of age old traditions and the excitement of modern India.

At the very early stages, the brand has found itself in the midst of the unavoidable challenges imposed by the pandemic. Yet, Samaara Tea has managed to establish its presence in over 25 countries worldwide. These include the US, the UK, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, Qatar, UAE etc.

What has contributed to the success of Samaara Tea in such a short span of time, among other factors, is its ability to offer an extensive range of tea blends for a fine tea-drinking experience. It offers a beautiful symphony of flavours and textures for tea lovers globally by creating a fusion of age-old traditions that include contemporary tastes and rich colours. All its products are produced keeping the global palate in mind to create a foothold in the tea market.

A few of its hot-selling products include – Samaara Black Tea Jar, Chamomile Botanical Pyramid Teabag, Mint Botanical Pyramid Tea Bag, and Samaara Premium Green Tea with Lemon. Masala tea and green tea are also quite popular with the customers. These products are 100% natural, have no added flavours and are loaded with antioxidants, making them particularly attractive for a .

Further, proper care is taken to ensure that these products meet international quality parameters. From handpicking fresh tea leaves and stringently examining their quality to processing them using ultra-modern technologies, Samaara Tea leaves no stone unturned to ensure that its products are best in class and cater to a discerning audience. On-time service and a zeal for innovation and improvisation complete the circle.

The brand has recently introduced a whole new range of Pyramid Tea Bags with golden tip tea leaves, that are of high-quality, easy-to-make, and are triangular shaped for a better brewing experience and infuse tea with flavours. The nylon mesh of the tea bag also helps filter out unwanted particles to ensure dustless tea leaves, while the triangular shape allows more space for the tea to move around and immerse the flavours to bring out an earthy and rich taste.

The future endeavours of Samaara are directed towards making it available across more international markets and letting people indulge in its great flavours. Further, it seeks to maximize brand awareness and goodwill for its product line.

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