Skill development will play a key role in India’s renewable energy sector

India reaffirmed its commitment to the Panchamrit initiative by elevating its target to achieve 500 GW of non-fossil fuel-based energy by 2030, during the COP26 conference. This monumental ambition stands as the globe’s most extensive roadmap for expanding renewable energy.

Dr. Vinod Tiwari has stood as a seasoned authority in the realm of renewable solar power since 2012. His extensive leadership in this sector has solidified his reputation as a respected figure renowned for his profound technological expertise in solar energy and electrical storage devices. India Business and Trade, recently caught up with him to get insights on his personal journey and his views on India’s renewable energy potential.

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IBT: Please share some insights into your journey and experiences as a renewable sector expert.

Vinod Tiwari: I began my career in 1993 as an electronics engineer in textiles. After working in maintenance, I became a service engineer for a German textile company. Transitioning to sales and business development, I ventured into energy storage, particularly batteries. I started with HBL batteries and worked with companies like Eltek, Telepoint, and Exide India. I managed North India for over a decade, then spent the last ten years (2012-2022) in the UAE with an engineering company. As a director, I led the initiation of our solar vertical project around 2018-2019. Our company thrived in solar energy expertise until 2022.

IBT: Can you share some personal insights that have shaped your expertise in renewable power over the years?

Vinod Tiwari: When we ventured into the solar vertical, our company, Telectron, was already well-known in the UPS systems and battery industry. Launching and promoting the solar energy business was a challenge, as the market was dominated by established players. With quality and price competition, I, leading the vertical, had to strategize how to make our mark. We aimed for unique projects rather than mainstream ones dominated by major companies.

We secured a complex project for an oil and gas company, ADNOC. The project was intricate in design, pricing, and delivery. Winning it was a significant success, but executing it within the timeline posed challenges. We sourced components globally – controllers from the UK, batteries from Germany, and solar panels from Japan. Despite hurdles like the COVID-19 pandemic, we completed deliveries successfully. Managing global transactions and deployment, we overcame obstacles and celebrated our achievement. This journey earned me an award during that time.

IBT: Could you elaborate on the range of services that your company offers in the renewable power sector?

Vinod Tiwari: I was associated with Telectron from 2012 to 2022. This company specializes in offering high-quality services to entities like ADNOC – an oil and gas company, which includes oil and gas companies, as well as two telecom operators – Etisalat and DU. Among the company’s verticals, I managed the renewable power solutions department.

In the realm of renewable power solutions, we offer comprehensive services. Rather than solely focusing on project design and engineering, our company acted as an EPC contractor, encompassing engineering, procurement and construction/ consultation. We strived to provide top-notch components, upgraded products, and manufacturing solutions, guiding clients through the procurement process. Our role extended to integration, facilitated by extensive warehouses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We undertook installation, testing, and commissioning, bolstered by 24×7 local service warranties.

IBT:  In your opinion, what is the future potential of the renewable energy sector in India? Are there specific segments within this sector that you believe hold the most promise?

Vinod Tiwari: Discussing India’s renewable energy potential brings me immense happiness and excitement. The nation’s abundant solar radiation, wind resources, and ambitious energy targets reaching up to 500 gigawatts, set the stage for remarkable growth. Key segments stand out in this context.

First and foremost is solar power. India stands as a global hotspot for solar energy potential, benefiting from over five hours of quality sunlight hour each day. The government’s dedication to expanding solar capacity, evidenced through initiatives like the Solar Energy Corporation of India, international collaborations, and joint ventures, creates vast opportunities for utility-scale and distributed solar installations.

Equally promising is wind power. India already ranks among the top global producers of wind energy. The government’s focus on offshore wind farms and policies such as the National Wind Solar Hybrid Policy demonstrates a strong commitment to further advancement. Energy storage, a domain I specialize in, represents another burgeoning field. Advanced batteries, like lithium-ion, offer solutions to the intermittent nature of renewable sources. Although grid-scale adoption is still growing, off-grid power demands approximately 72+ hours of autonomy, spurring energy storage requirements. This aligns well with the expanding electric vehicle sector, as storage solutions contribute to more reliable grids and enhanced integration.

Bioenergy has emerged as a promising sector for India. The nation’s extensive agricultural sector can drive bioenergy growth, leveraging biomass and biogas. Government initiatives supporting rural development, waste management, and investment in these areas hold the potential to significantly contribute to the renewable energy mix.

These factors reflect India’s commitment to sustainability. With ongoing governmental support, we anticipate a bright and promising future in the renewable energy landscape in the years to come.

IBT: Given your extensive experience, what suggestions or recommendations do you have for the Indian government to address challenges and promote growth in the renewable power industry?

Vinod Tiwari: I’d like to offer a set of recommendations for the Indian government to address challenges and propel growth within the renewable power sector. Firstly, implementing supportive policies is crucial. Introducing measures such as feed-in tariffs, tax incentives, and subsidies would encourage investment in the sector, bridging the current investment gap. Creating favourable policies could attract substantial financial commitments.

Secondly, focusing on research and development (R&D) is essential. While India excels in various areas, R&D remains an area where improvement is needed. Increasing investments in R&D can foster innovation, enhancing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of renewable power technologies.

Thirdly, nurturing public-private partnerships is vital. Collaborations and joint ventures between the government and private sector can expedite growth in renewable energy. Initiatives like shared funding and knowledge exchange can promote innovation and expand the market’s reach.

Equally important is the emphasis on skill development. Training programs and educational initiatives can bridge the skill gap in the sector. By cultivating a skilled workforce capable of designing, installing, and maintaining renewable power facilities, such as solar parks and rooftops, the sector can flourish.

Lastly, conducting public awareness campaigns is key. Educating the public about the advantages of renewable energy is essential for widespread adoption. Many individuals lack comprehensive knowledge about solar power benefits and applications, indicating a need for greater awareness.

These recommendations hold tremendous potential to stimulate growth within the sector, contributing significantly to sustainable development goals.

IBT: Looking ahead, could you share your future vision for yourself and your company in the evolving landscape of renewable energy and electrical storage devices?

Vinod Tiwari: I come with an extensive background in energy storage devices, particularly batteries, along with substantial exposure in the solar field. Given my comprehensive experience, I am eager and well-prepared to assist the Indian government in numerous capacities, such as policy formulation, skill development, manpower allocation, and project execution consultation.

Recently, I have launched a venture/company – Gulf India Consultants, where our focus lies solely on renewable power solutions, specifically solar energy especially in India and UAE. Solar power stands as a pivotal factor in India’s contribution to global targets. Our company’s future vision centres around three main verticals.

Firstly, we recognize the need to enhance awareness about solar power. To this end, we are collaborating with government bodies, ministries, and solar companies to bolster skill development. We’re achieving this through three distinct avenues. The first involves creating online courses. I am actively working on a comprehensive course catering to beginners, intermediate learners, and experts. This course aims to simplify the understanding of solar concepts, making them accessible to a broader audience via digital platforms.

Secondly, I’m in the process of crafting a publication. As an established author with a book distributed in 47 countries on a different subject, I’m now working on a technical book focused solely on solar power. This publication is slated for release by the year’s end and will play a crucial role in educating people about solar energy. Additionally, we plan to translate the book into Hindi and other local languages, making it widely accessible.

The third avenue is consultancy. We’re open to collaborating with global companies and the Indian government to foster public-private partnerships. Through consultancy services, we aim to impart awareness and knowledge about solar power, supporting initiatives that drive its adoption and growth.

Collectively, these three approaches aim to elevate skill development and promote public awareness nationwide, aligning with our overarching vision for the future.

Vinod TiwariDr. Vinod Tiwari – D.Tech (Honorary Doctorate – Solar Energy) is popularly known as the ‘Magician of Words’ in both worlds. UAE’s leading Entrepreneurship Consultant, Engineering Director, Innovative Solar Energy Expert Awardee, Bestselling Author, International Speaker, Global Podcaster, Nominee – PBS Award 2020, and Regional Mentor AIM (NITI Aayog) having a multi-faceted interest.

Dr. Vinod is a Sought-after Speaker/ corporate presenter and conducted more than 210 seminars/ workshops in India/ UAE at various Industry forums and conventions. He was deeply engaged with senior leadership in UAE for Philanthropic activities, Promotion of technology, education and Yoga.

A True Veteran, technocrat with three decades of rich experience in the power electronics engineering industry with chronicle success, he has been leading the UAE market for the last decade as ‘Director- Renewable Power Solution’.


  1. Thank you – India Business and Trade for having me at your platform to share my thoughts on Solar Energy.

  2. The insights presented about renewable power is amazing… thanks Dr Vinod Tiwari for sharing your visionary message on this open forum.

  3. The insights presented about renewable power is amazing… thanks Dr Vinod Tiwari for sharing your visionary message on this open forum.

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