Vadilal ice cream: A treat for the soul for 100 years

Over the course of 100 years, Vadilal ice creams have won the hearts of millions of people in India & around the world. Today, you can enjoy it’s ice cream in every major countries and reminisce the sweet flavour it has retained throughout the decades. Here’s the story of the beloved Indian ice-cream brand that invokes a sense of nostalgia amongst every generation.

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New Delhi, November 24: Pleasant flavour and fragrance of a dish can leave a lasting impression on your mind. We associate brands with those sweet memories of relishing our favourite food such as ice-creams. India is home to some reputable legacy brands who offer the same quality taste of food for decades, & Vadilal is one such brand.

Every Indian, of every generation, is familiar with the word Vadilal. Long before any foreign dairy brands could debuted in India, Vadilal came be known as a synonym for flavourful frozen creamy treats.  Today, it is one of the leading ice-cream and frozen food brands that has been loved and cherished for generations in our families.

History of Vadilal

The journey of Vadilal began with a simple, humble beginnings over a century ago. In 1907, Owner of Vadilal, Mr.Vadilal Gandhi set up a small shop of soda fountain in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. After a few years, Mr. Gandhi began making ice-cream at the shop using the old “kothi” method of churning milk cream. In 1927, his sons too joined his business and they opened their first ice-cream shop. In a span of two decades, the family business bloomed and Vadilal ice-creams became a household name.

Legacy of Vadilal ice-creams has become an emotion for those with sweet-tooth. While taking a stroll through Delhi’s Kartavya Path, people of all age can be seen enjoying Vadilal ice creams even during peak chilly winters. Such is the fondness of ice-cream lovers towards the brand.

It’s International Footprints

Today, the company sells variety of products like frozen foods including fruits, vegetables, RTE snacks, dairy, & bakery products, among other things but its most popular selling point remains ice-cream.

The company is currently present in more than 45 countries across North America, Europe, UK, Middle East, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa. In USA, the brand has leaped ahead to become America’s largest Indian ice cream brand and a leading player in Indian frozen food category.

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