China, India call for reformed multilateralism’ in global institutions

Seconding India’s proposal to reform the status quo in multilateralism, China said that there is a need to restructure IMF, UN, WTO & other global institutions at the recently concluded BRICS Foreign Minister’s meet in Rio De Janeiro.  China believes that these international platforms must cater to the interests of all participants.

This proposal was first conceived by India’s PM, Shri Narendra Modi at the 2018 Johannesburg BRICS Summit. In this context, Shri V K Singh, the junior minister for Road Transport and Highways stated, “My Prime Minister had made 5 key recommendations… to promote ‘reformed multilateralism’ in international institutions; ensure availability of energy resources at low cost; accord greater priority to infrastructure and renewable energy related projects by NDB (New Development Bank); ensure ease of movement of skilled personnel, and a stronger commitment of BRICS to the fight against terrorism.” 

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