Countries sensitive to remove trade barriers: Jaishankar

Addressing a conference in Pune on “Asia and the Emerging International Trading System,” India’s Foreign Affairs Minister Shri S. Jaishankar said that countries urging India to be more open are themselves sensitive to remove trade barriers. Through this comment, he made a discreet reference to lopsided demands put by the US during negotiations for a limited trade deal with India.

The minister spoke about two striking developments — the rise of China and the nationalism of the United States — and their impact on India. He stated, “Much of that centres around how well prepared we are to engage the global economy more openly. The past record shows that lack of adequate homework and absence of effective standards ended up hollowing out many sectors. Competing against those with structural advantages cannot be a casual decision justified by political correctness.” He also hinted that trade is not exclusive of political influence and therefore the need of getting politics, economics and governance all right at the same time.

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