Digitisation to add a trillion dollars to India’s GDP by 2025

Digitization has the potential to add a trillion dollars to India’s GDP by 2025 according to Gautam Kumra, Managing Partner, McKinsey India. In an interaction with ET, he adds that a lot of money is expected to flow in private markets. Given that India is home to the fourth largest start-up ecosystem in the world and one of the fastest digitising countries globally, he feels that the trend is likely to sustain for the time to come.  

“A host of new companies are likely to be born in agriculture, logistics, consumer etc. The way brands get built is totally changing. The way Amazon, Reliance and Walmart are working, soon the entire retailing ecosystem configured in India will change. The way brands get built will change. Today one can think of building a brand much faster than what we could do 20 years ago because we did not have access to channels and markets, but now we will. There will be a lot of activity in this space and I remain excited that there will be a lot more capital flowing into the private markets,” he said.

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