Gujarat govt. unveils new electronics regulations

A new electronics policy was introduced by the Gujarat government on Saturday with the goal of creating 10 lakh new jobs in the state’s Electronics System Design & Manufacturing (ESDM) industry. The “Gujarat Electronics Policy 2022-2028” aims to turn Gujarat into a national ESDM powerhouse by providing investors with a variety of subsidies and incentives.

Those looking to invest in Gujarat’s ESDM sector will receive up to 20% capital expenditure (capex) assistance with a cap of INR 200 crore under the policy. Eligible investors will also be entitled to 100% reimbursement on any stamp duty and registration fees they paid to the government.

While eligible business owners are exempt from paying any electricity taxes, the state government will offer a one rupee per unit power tariff subsidies for a five-year term. According to the policy statement, throughout the next five years the state government would establish Gujarat Electronics Manufacturing (GEM) clusters for the ESDM ecosystem. These GEM clusters will share infrastructure resources, testing labs, and R&D facilities.

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