India got max power industry tenders in Asia-Pacific in Sept’19

Recent findings from GlobalData’s power database point out that with 254 tenders and a share of 59.8% (-9.8% higher than the last month), India led the power industry tender activity in September 2019. This month, however, recorded merely 425 tenders, marking a drop of 31% over the last 12-month average of 620. In terms of technology, thermal made for the largest proportion with 69 tenders and a 51.9% share, followed by solar with 51 tenders and a 38.3% share and hydro with nine tenders and a 6.8% share during this month.

As far as the average for the last 12 months goes, India held the top spot with 321 tenders, followed by Bangladesh with 101 and the Philippines with 83 tenders.

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