India will export green energy to Singapore from 2025

A Singaporean energy company – Keppel Infrastructure – and an Indian dispatchable renewables company – Greenko Group – have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Under this, India will begin exporting green energy in 2025, with the first shipments going to a Singaporean power plant.

Greenko Group is expected to supply 250,000 tonne per year contract Keppel’s new 600Mw power plant in Singapore as per the pact. According to Mahesh Kolli, President and Joint Managing Director of Greenko Group, the contract for the export of green ammonia would also be expanded to encompass bunker fuel through the Keppel network in Singapore’s network of bunker fuel supply to ships. He further stated that Greenko would take part in green hydrogen exports beginning in 2025–2026, and it is estimated that there would be a 50 million tonne annual demand worldwide, with 15 million tonnes being used to replace bunker fuel in ships.

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