Indians are the second highest paid ethnic group in UK

A report by the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) titled, ‘Ethnicity Pay Gaps in Great Britain: 2018′, reveals that on an average, ethnic minorities earn 3.8% less than white ethnic groups. The Pakistani (remuneration of 10 pounds an hour) & Bangladeshi (median hourly pay of 9.6 pounds) workers are likely to have the lowest average pay compared to their white counterparts. The Pakistani & Bangladeshi ethnic groups also have the lowest employment rates at 58.2% and 54.9% respectively. In contrast, the Chinese (receiving 15.75 pounds an hour in 2018) & Indian (earning 13.47 pounds an hour) workers are exceptions to this trend. The Indian ethnic group also has a high employment rate, of 75.9%, second only to the White Other category (81.7%). The report also found that the gender pay gap was most pronounced among ethnic groups with higher median gross hourly earnings than their other counterparts.


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