NLP for addressing challenges in logistics

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the National Logistics Policy (NLP) on 17th September. It aims to address the challenges encountered by the transport sector and reducing the logistics costs from ‘13-14% to a single digit’, (logistics sector is estimated at 13-14% of GDP). NLP seeks to promote flawless movement of the goods, boost competitiveness of the industry, enhance economic growth and job opportunities.

Prime Minister said, “To ensure quick last mile delivery, end transport-related challenges, save time and money of the manufacturers, prevent wastage of the agro-products, concerted efforts were made and one of the manifestations of those efforts is today’s National Logistics Policy”. He noted, “For Indian products to capture world markets, the country has to strengthen its support system, National Logistics Policy helps in making the support system modern”.

The government has been working on the NLP since the last 3 years.

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