Rules for foreign universities via GIFT

The Centre has finalised the guidelines for foreign universities entering India through the GIFT city route. It has resolved the majority of the issues that had previously prevented their entry and relieved them of “inflexible” domestic laws and controls on fees, admissions, college appointments, and the prohibition on the repatriation of revenue.

According to the guidelines, the name of the Indian campus should be the same as or similar to the college and student choice course and student grievance redressal method. World-class foreign universities and establishments will be allowed to operate in GIFT City “free from domestic laws” and will be allowed to offer programmes in financial management, fintech, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, according to a proposal made by the Finance Minister in the 2022 Budget.

This week, GIFT City received notification from the International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA) that the “organising and operation of international department campuses and offshore training centres” was to be permitted. The GIFT city model and system have drawn interest from foreign colleges in the US, UK, and Australia. 


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