U.P govt. creates incentives to promote khadi start-ups

Under the new U.P Textile & Garment Policy 2022, the state government is offering a wide range of incentives and subsidies not only to the Khadi manufacturers but to also who may engage in its digital marketing. The objective of the said policy is also to promote Khadi entrepreneurs outside the state and across the world. 

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New Delhi, November 15: Khadi is set to get a major facelift in Uttar Pradesh as the state government has created a road map to nurture start-ups & e-commerce dedicated to ‘UP Khadi’.

The state government announced that under the new UP Textile and Garment Policy 2022, wide range of incentives & subsidies will be offered.  This is being done to promote offline and online marketing & promotion of Khadi apparels in India and abroad.

The scheme will offer financial assistance of up to Rs 12 crore to entrepreneurs opening exclusive khadi retail chains beyond regions of U.P, including foreign countries. Under the new policy, the promised subsidy will increase to Rs 8 crore for opening 200 outlets or more, and Rs. 10 crore for opening 500 outlets.

Along with this, organised groups of young entrepreneurs will also be eligible for financial support for online marketing of UP khadi apparels. The scheme also benefits online marketers. To an individual who plans to open online marketing company, government will provide 75 percent subsidy on the registration of the firm. This support will be subject to a ceiling of Rs 50 lakh per company.

Additionally, the government will provide 75 percent subsidy (up to Rs 20 lakh) on setting up of infrastructure for the purpose.

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